Saturday, March 16, 2013


While I was in the middle of a conference at work, I heard my phone ring. I had accidentally forgotten to
put it on silent. When I was able to I saw that it was the agency. I excused myself and listened to the message. While I was putting my phone back in my bag, my boss came in with a message for me.
On the paper was written the phone number and time of call and the agency name. I did not appreciate
the agency calling my work number. I have worked so hard on detaching even the slightest bits of my
personal life from my place of employment, and now this.

When I returned the call, the case finder seemed rushed and introduced herself. I asked her to please
never call my work place again and explained the very public nature of my job and that I did not
wish for those boundaries to be crossed. She understood. Then she asked me if I was interested in a two
and a half female child. I asked about the child and she told me that this child has been with the
agency for a while, and that her foster home had been "closed" due to a recent court ruling. The details
of the case she offered sounded familiar to me. I asked her if they had called me before about this
child and I asked if it involved accusations on behalf of the bio parents. She seemed surprised that I
knew that much. I said, "they had called me about this child in early January and I had to decline
based on my job and other concerns." She apologized and said she did not understand why
I was on the list to call and that they had actually been waiting to hear from me before calling anyone else.

I was left declining placement for this child a second time. I hope and pray that she ends up in a warm,
nurturing, loving home with those that will provide the care and love she so deserves.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Going on Three Months

Well, there have been no more calls after that first one that happened when I had the stomach flu.

Actually, I called my homefinder several times and she told me to "hang in there." She informed me that we are certified for a very narrow age/gender range (her urging, btw) and that it may take a while to get another call. 

I let her know that after telling me I'd get "100 calls that first week," I was a bit let down. She swung by our place Friday after work on her way home. I submitted some more paper work and we talked. She me that there was a 1 1/2 year old girl who needed a placement last week, but because we didn't have a crib, 
she did not call. 

Sooooo, I responded, "If I get a crib, can I certify for younger children, now?" She told me "Yes," but 
expressed concern about babies being up all night and the needs of my job and maintaining my 
daughter's schedule. I get it, I really do. No one wants a single-mama getting stressed out and 
then not being able to properly provide for the children.

Unfortunately, because I am human and do have sleep needs and work a job that requires that I am well-rested, including needing energy for when I get home...and to keep, an infant would not be a good fit. I think a toddler would be. 

As she left, once again she repeated..."When the time is right, the right child will come."

Yes, I believe this. I do. But I need to remind myself of this as I grow impatient.

All good things in good time.

All good things in God's time.

I purchased a cute, affordable brand-new crib and crib mattress yesterday.

And later, a mid-century modern vintage dollhouse including furniture to add to
our expanding collection.