Saturday, March 9, 2013

Going on Three Months

Well, there have been no more calls after that first one that happened when I had the stomach flu.

Actually, I called my homefinder several times and she told me to "hang in there." She informed me that we are certified for a very narrow age/gender range (her urging, btw) and that it may take a while to get another call. 

I let her know that after telling me I'd get "100 calls that first week," I was a bit let down. She swung by our place Friday after work on her way home. I submitted some more paper work and we talked. She me that there was a 1 1/2 year old girl who needed a placement last week, but because we didn't have a crib, 
she did not call. 

Sooooo, I responded, "If I get a crib, can I certify for younger children, now?" She told me "Yes," but 
expressed concern about babies being up all night and the needs of my job and maintaining my 
daughter's schedule. I get it, I really do. No one wants a single-mama getting stressed out and 
then not being able to properly provide for the children.

Unfortunately, because I am human and do have sleep needs and work a job that requires that I am well-rested, including needing energy for when I get home...and to keep, an infant would not be a good fit. I think a toddler would be. 

As she left, once again she repeated..."When the time is right, the right child will come."

Yes, I believe this. I do. But I need to remind myself of this as I grow impatient.

All good things in good time.

All good things in God's time.

I purchased a cute, affordable brand-new crib and crib mattress yesterday.

And later, a mid-century modern vintage dollhouse including furniture to add to
our expanding collection. 

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