Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's a Beautiful Morning

Last night, we did much better. I think he felt settled and comfy. Although, he seems to be a night-time pooper and had a period of waking that lasted 2 hours somewhere around 11 pm. Oh, well. Overall, I maybe got five hours off and on and I feel okay this morning. Definitely better than yesterday.

Upon arising, I changed little "Sage" and then Girl Cub came in and I played sitar from Pandora and we just all laid there cuddling and just being. It was so peaceful and it was just "bliss," no other way to describe it.

There is something about this little Sage that is so very peaceful. I love his expressions and have captured so many little wise, contemplative looks and stares.

He is definitely a morning sleeper and so that's been nice. I've been able to blog, have tea, take a shower, and straighten up before the case worker and Girl Cub's tutor come by later this afternoon.

It's a Beautiful Morning.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

He's Heeeeere!

All 4 pounds, 3 ounces of him!

He is so tiny and so an elfin E.T.

We pulled an all-nighter last night and I'm really hoping he gets this "We sleep in the night and play in the day thing straight after a while. I don't do too well on sleep-deprivation. Thankfully, today was the last day of work until September. I made it on one hour sleep!

This little guy already differs from my daughter as an infant in that he does actually sleep during the day for a couple of hour stretches at a time. So, tomorrow...I know I will eventually get a few catnaps in, even if he does not sleep again tonight.

I've also discovered he likes the carseat- very much like J. I guess it's nice and enclosed and comfy.

Girl cub is in love with him already and has been such a big help.

On Friday, we have a meeting with his mom up at the agency. I was told she may ask for my phone number which I'm not at all comfortable with.

It's been very intense, yes. But he is a good baby and as I shared tonight: My heart feels at peace and it is a great feeling.

Is it scary? YES.
Will it be hard work? No doubt about it. But lots of friends have reached out to lend a hand and I may take them up on it, one or two per week. Then there's the babysitter if I need to take him for a day and catch up on sleep, chores, and such.

During the downpour before, as I was running to get the diaper bag that I had left behind in the car...I thought to myself: "...And so it begins."

So glad to have met you Baby Boy.

Friday, June 21, 2013

I Made The Baby A Painting

I've been inspired to paint again. 
I am even collecting "Inspiration for My Painting" on a Pinterest board.

I found a canvas and just decided to let my emotions
dictate where the paint and brush went. 
This is what came out: lotuses on murky water, moon tides,
vegetal Earth soup. 

I really hope I get the call this week and will
be meeting Little Guy soon.

I titled this painting "Waiting For The Moon"
As we are expecting a Super (full) Moon in the
Next 24 hours. This may also be my
Nickname for him.... "Moon."

Thursday, June 20, 2013


In a way, the timing for this little guy couldn't be any more perfect. I'm still working until the middle of next week and in the meantime, I've been able to have ample time to prep for him in a well-thought out, calm fashion. I like that.

Today I spent my lunch hour in a baby-child consignment shop. I found a lot of adorable onesies and some pajamas, a few hats, booties, baby pants. So cute. I have made a list of real bottom line basics as I know babies need  a lot of gear and I am on a pretty tight budget.

My list: 
Basic Clothes/Layette 
Bassinet Sheets
Pacifiers (Hoping he won't need but I'll prepare anyway)
Baby Tylenol
Infant Car Seat
Infant tubby

Formula: I'm going to wait on until I hear more about what he should have. We have washcloths and towels and I did score a deal on that practically new baby seat. 

When I randomly spoke to my sister-in-law tonight she told me she had "everything" and "don't even think about buying anything else." I was elated. So, I may be pretty much done with my "For Baby" list. She even has two baby carriers. I am beyond grateful.

PS: I may still spring for the Moby wrap. I kinda have my heart set on it.

And I've finally decided on what to make him besides the mandatory crochet teddy bear hat...this baby CARDIGAN!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Finally, an update...

Just as I decided to completely back off from bugging the agency AGAIN, a call came in this morning as I pulled into a parking space close to my job.

It was the social worker, who seems like a very nice, warm, woman. I am so happy about that. She told me that she had more information about the baby: he is healthy, gaining weight slowly, and breathing on his own. The only thing that is keeping him in the NICU at this time is his sucking reflex is a little slow and needs some more time to develop so he can feed more effectively.

We spoke a little bit about foster care in general, ("Remember you are fostering, not adopting") and a little bit about the baby's family. He has a brother who is in care and according to the social worker, and will meet his foster mom and "...she's really nice." We ended the conversation with her telling me it will be about another week or two, if that.

On the way to pick up my daughter from a friend's house tonight, I stopped off at the local thrift and was able to find a brand new baby seat and some more clothes. This weekend, I'm having the house cleaned top to bottom and getting rid of anything that is lying around without a proper place and anything that is no longer used. I want this place to be spic and span, organized, and super-streamlined before little guy's arrival

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Today, while getting mani-pedis with my girl I saw I had missed a call from the agency.

I called back immediately and was told me there was a "premie" that was still in the hospital and that the  
case worker would know more in a little while and to call back.

I called back when I reached home and she told the premie was a boy, which is what I had actually felt all along! She said he weighed 4 lbs and told me his name. He has a brother in care already and that is really all she could tell me.

She asked about the crib, but I told her she had already seen the bassinet when she came to do the home study. Yes, she remembered but I would need to get a crib in the near future.  She also said he would be in the hospital a while and that I should not buy anything or prepare until her supervisor follows up with a call on Monday. 

Monday? I realized after I hung-up that it's only TUESDAY. 

I texted my brother immediately. 

Then I cleaned out the small dresser that I purchased this past Christmas for the homestudy, wiped down the bassinet, cleared all of the clutter in the hallway, cleaned out my girl's closet and fb messaged a friend about some baby clothes.

It's going to be a long four days.