Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's Not About You (In the Very Wise Words of Another Foster Blogger, Vicky M. Thorne)

What it feels likes when you say, "oh I could never do that"

The "that" of course being fostering.

Oh, "that'd be soooo hard"

Oh, "ugh I could NEVER do that, I'd get so attached!!"

Like "it'd be so haaaaaaard"

"I'd be so saaaaad to see them go!"

No shit, Sherlock. It IS hard, it does suck, you DO get attached and yes, it rips your heart out when they leave.

But fostering is not about YOU and your emotional COMFORT, it's about being willing to be provide safety & comfort for a child whose whole world is NOT safe or comfortable.

So, please, save it- you whining about how hard it would be for YOU belittles those of us who DO. Encourage, praise, even just a "wow" would be fine, but don't wax eloquent about how you could neeeever do it, lest I be forced to school you about how selfish you sound.

*mic drop*

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