Thursday, June 20, 2013


In a way, the timing for this little guy couldn't be any more perfect. I'm still working until the middle of next week and in the meantime, I've been able to have ample time to prep for him in a well-thought out, calm fashion. I like that.

Today I spent my lunch hour in a baby-child consignment shop. I found a lot of adorable onesies and some pajamas, a few hats, booties, baby pants. So cute. I have made a list of real bottom line basics as I know babies need  a lot of gear and I am on a pretty tight budget.

My list: 
Basic Clothes/Layette 
Bassinet Sheets
Pacifiers (Hoping he won't need but I'll prepare anyway)
Baby Tylenol
Infant Car Seat
Infant tubby

Formula: I'm going to wait on until I hear more about what he should have. We have washcloths and towels and I did score a deal on that practically new baby seat. 

When I randomly spoke to my sister-in-law tonight she told me she had "everything" and "don't even think about buying anything else." I was elated. So, I may be pretty much done with my "For Baby" list. She even has two baby carriers. I am beyond grateful.

PS: I may still spring for the Moby wrap. I kinda have my heart set on it.

And I've finally decided on what to make him besides the mandatory crochet teddy bear hat...this baby CARDIGAN!

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