Thursday, July 25, 2013

Family Planning

In order to maintain my license to foster, which I have every intent of continuing, foster parents have to take 12 training hours per year. It's really not a lot considering how much there it to learn and it's free.
I figured I'd get as many hours as I can under my belt now, especially since the baby is no longer with us.

I attended a "Family Planning" workshop for two credit hours today. It was interesting to see all of the new birth control methods that are out there and to meet other foster parents; in fact, that was the best part.
The facilitator of the training stated that this workshop was really geared toward foster parents of older
children, but I still found it very helpful and can easily apply it to my work with teens and someday, daughter will be "that" age.

Next week, there will be a monthly foster parent meeting. We have dinner together and there is a speaker. I am excited to meet more foster parents and finally network. I will also get training hours for the monthly meeting, so that's a plus.

As I was leaving the agency I popped my head in to say hello to my homefinder and to talk to the woman in charge of intake. We went over the age range our home is certified for. I still said that I was open to take any child, but as summer progresses, I know that a baby or younger child that is not sleeping and high-demand becomes less and less of a realistic possibility.

I miss Sage and look at his photos daily. I go over everything in my mind from our first phone call about him in the NICU to the day he left us, a total of 20 days.

I am struggling to believe this is all part of the plan and that we will eventually meet the child that is meant for us. I am still praying for Sage, for us, and for the next child that becomes part of our family.

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