Thursday, July 4, 2013

Random Facts About Baby

- Due on my beloved Grandfather's birthday, born one day before Grandma.
- The top of his head smells like the most intoxicating blend og Nag Champa comined with breakfast sausage.
- We both share the magical birth number 7.
- He has deep blue wide eyes set far apart, like his mom and older brother.
-Interesting baby sounds include "the mini nanny goat," baby parakeet squak,
and high pitched growl of contentment right before falling asleep.
- At one month old (& preemie!) he can focus on a toy, follow my voice, and swat away when he is really p.o.'d!
- Recently he has started holding my hand while he feeds, resting it gently on me, or (last night) rubbing my back!

Yep, he's pretty special.

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