Monday, July 1, 2013


So far, in the less-than-one-week "Sage" has been here...

1. We spent 3 hours in a clinic waiting to be seen by the doctor because the agency
failed to give me the letter stating I was his foster parent.
2. Spent 9 hours in an ER waiting for Sage to be admitted for observation (long story, he's fine now.)
3. I got caught in a major down pour and couldn't figure out how to collapse the Snap and Go 
stroller. Oh, yeah...Fun Times.
4. Watched him actually focus on a toy yesterday and attempt to extend toward it. 
(He is one smart baby!) 
5. Had our first fairly successful Saturday night Target trip. 
6. I've only had one mini-meltdown which happened yesterday after a night of only one hour of sleep...not just because Sage wakes every two hours for a feeding (he's a preemie) but because
I drank a massive iced coffee at 4pm with my brother while he was visiting.

7. I've met a lot of nice people. The system is no way perfect, but my social worker is 
a pretty amazing young woman and the staff at the agency are all great as well.

8. I am challenged by the amount of work, as it has been almost 9 years since I've cared for a newborn, but my heart is filled to the brim.

9. I know it was Divine Love that guided me here and Divine Love from the Creator 
will help and see me through, even the most difficult times. 

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