Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update: "Little Miss"

"Little Miss" had to get medically cleared this evening and it took what seemed like forever for her to get to our home. They ("LM" and two social workers) pulled up at 10:15. It was dark but I could see the outline/shadow of a little one and I sort of called out, "Are y'all here?" and I heard her little raspy voice which is actually a strong voice say, "Yeah."

We all met on the sidewalk and what I noticed first was the delightful twinkle in her big eyes and that she had a purse around her shoulder. After late-night lemonade, chicken nuggets, dollies, wash-up and a story, we made it to bedtime.

Little Miss had a bit of a hard time settling. She said she was afraid of the dark and then she said she missed "Mimaw and Alicia" (Foster Mom and Granddaughter). I told her I understood and that I would stay in the room as long as she wanted me to. I placed my head on the towel I had been holding to wash up on the floor and rested quietly as she drifted quickly off to sleep.

My Girl Cub is still tossing around up there. She said she was too excited to sleep. Little Miss brought a DS and Monster High dolls...even gum! 

Oh, my. 

 Tomorrow, the three of us will be up early and make our way to the VBS together.

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